MIGOP to Detroit, Flint, etc.: Drop Dead (Literally)!

May 3, 2018
Nancy Kaffer: “Live in Detroit? You’re out of luck. . . . The same is true in Flint and the state’s other struggling cities. Get that? Rural residents of up-north counties with high unemployment are protected; urban Michiganders who live in high-unemployment cities in more prosperous counties are left to twist. . . . “Every one of these reasons to deny you healthcare kills people,” Paul Propson, CEO of Covenant Community Care in Detroit, a primary health care provider that sees 20,000 patients with Medicaid benefits or no insurance coverage each year, told me last month. “It might only kill 10 people or 50 people or 100 people, but when there are delays in accessing health care, there are victims.” (Detroit Free Press)

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