Skubick: How Michigan House Democrats would win back control of Chamber

May 8, 2018
Coming to a TV screen near you soon: Democratic commercials attacking President Trump and Betsy DeVos to convince voters to support Democratic House candidates. “I think Betsy DeVos and Trump are people who are activating our base of supporters,” said Rep. Kristy Pagan. “And motivating our voters to come out to support our Democrats who are pushing back on the Trump-DeVos agenda.” The House Democrats will tell voters that 80 percent of the charter schools and 100 percent of the cyberschools in Michigan are operated by for-profit companies and U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is, in part, responsible for funneling public school dollars into these for profit schools. “Your tax dollars to educate our children are going to line the pockets of for-profit education management companies,” adds Rep. Pagan. (WLNS)

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