Rick Snyder praises Brian Calley for raising taxes on Michigan working families

May 21, 2018

Gov. Snyder: How Michigan became ‘comeback state’: With Calley’s leadership, we implemented a simple, fair and efficient tax system that didn’t pick winners and losers. We made Michigan into one of the most competitive places to do business in the nation. Scrapping the MBT and instituting this new tax system put Michigan on the path to our tremendous comeback. Recently, misinformation about these tax reforms in our state has been spreading. So let me be clear about one thing — Michigan’s comeback hinged on the essential tax reform we implemented, and Calley was a key leader in that plan. (Detroit News)

Calley breaks tie; Senate approves tax plan: The Republican-led Senate passed the main bill in the tax package by a 20-19 vote, with Lt. Gov. Brian Calley voting to break a 19-19 tie. Seven Republicans joined all 12 Democrats in voting against the bill. . . . Democrats say the business tax cuts come largely at the expense of retirees who will have some of their income taxed, as well as lower-income workers. Several Democratic senators chided Republicans for increasing taxes on seniors so they could give businesses big tax breaks. Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer of East Lansing said Republicans had voted to cut business taxes and raise taxes on individuals “without any guarantee it will create one job.” (AP, 5/13/11)

Michigan taxes: Businesses pay less, you pay more: But a close analysis of tax incomes shows that the cost of funding state government has shifted to those who can least afford it, and the job growth that would have justified that shift hasn’t materialized. . . . For some Michigan families, changes to tax credits and deductions have been deeply felt. The state is collecting nearly $900 million a year more from individuals, many of them poor people who have lost tax credits or deductions. Meanwhile, businesses pay about $1.7 billion less in taxes, all while job growth has slowed each year since the tax cuts took effect. (Detroit Free Press)

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