Low-Wage Workers to blast Bill Schuette’s refusal to protect Medicaid for Michiganders

May 9, 2018
More than one hundred fast-food cooks, Head Start workers, healthcare workers and other voters across Michigan will flood the GOP gubernatorial debate Wednesday blasting candidate Bill Schuette’s refusal to protect vital healthcare for nearly 700,000 people who rely on the state’s expanded Medicaid program enacted under Republican Gov. Rick Snyder. The protest follows a recent vote in the state Senate to impose work requirements on all Medicaid recipients – a measure that Schuette has endorsed and vowed to implement if elected governor. Holding signs reading, “Schuette: Hands Off My Healthcare” and “Bill Schuette: Healthcare Killer,” working people from across Michigan will demand the next governor make the state’s expanded Medicaid program permanent and increase access to affordable healthcare for everyone. The protest comes weeks after Schuette – who has received President Trump’s endorsement – released his first campaign TV ad reiterating his opposition to the state’s Medicaid expansion. WHERE: GOP gubernatorial debate, 120 College Ave SE, Grand Rapids, Mich. WHEN: 5:30p ET (Michigan Chronicle)

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