UPDATE >> Bill Schuette Used State Employees To Help Violate His Promise To Put Assets Into A Blind Trust

May 11, 2018

Attorney General Bill Schuette has quietly made multimillion-dollar real estate transactions involving inherited oceanfront property in the U.S. Virgin Islands while in office and used state employees to complete one transaction in November 2016, documents show. . . . Schuette’s executive assistant, Lori Gay, notarized the transaction and the attorney general’s communications director, Andrea Bitely, and an office analyst, Dulce Cardenas, signed as witnesses to the private transaction, U.S. Virgin Islands property records show. “Bill signed and Lori notarized the document while I was waiting to talk to him and, as a result, I signed as a witness,” Bitely said Thursday in an email to Crain’s. “If my memory serves, it was less than two minutes of our day.” [Crain’s Detroit Business]

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